Second Season Now in Production, Casting Announced

EMPIRE, nominated for two awards in the First Annual Indie Soap Awards, returns for a Second Season in Spring of 2010.

Seven actors join the nine original cast members returning from the first season. Tina Sloan, a 26 year veteran on CBS's Guiding Light, will play Theodora Grant Haven an heiress hellbent on revenge, a character very different from the forgiving Lillian she portrayed on Guiding Light. Orlagh Cassidy who spent 11 years on Guiding Light as Doris Wolfe, will portray Marin and Lucy Lively's mother, Colleen Lively, a strict stage mother and party girl. Playing Lucy Lively, the sixteen year old starlet, will be Afton Boggiano (Gossip Girl). Cane Haven's boyfriend Alex will appear as played by Fabio Taliercio, recently onstage in Tony & Tina's Wedding. Cane's best friend Rodney, a cop and 'one of the good guys,' will be played by Christian Barber (the upcoming film Happy New Year, also starring Tina Sloan). Chris J Handley (seen on stage as everything from the Lion in The Wizard of Oz to the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet) has been cast as Lance, Theodora's lackey who would do anything for her, and Lise Fisher (the independent feature Insidious) will be playing Rachel, the office manager at Empire who hides her true colors behind a thick wall of sass and sarcasm.

EMPIRE THE SERIES New Cast Tina Sloan, Orlagh Cassidy, Fabio Taliercio, Afton Boggiano, Christian Barber, Lise Fisher, Chris J Handley

Cast members Kathryn Neville Browne (Sandra), Ryan Clardy (Cane, nominated for Best Performance by a Lead Actor in the Indie Soap Awards), Annalisa Derr (Katherine), Chris Douros (Thomas), Richard Flight (Cubbie), Kate Forsatz (Marin), Toby Levin (Jake), Nick Lewis (Evan), and Harlan J Strauss (Irving) all reprise their roles in season two.

Greg Turner & Brian Hewson (nominated for Best Writing in the the Indie Soap Awards for writing season one of Empire) have returned to write the second season. Season one director Steven Slate, continues to direct. Cast and crew are currently in production on the second season with the first episode planned to hit the web at the end of April.

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